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Muse Forest

Serious topics for serious character building

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Serious topics for serious character building
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Community for serious discussions on important issues for major character building.
Debating is encouraged. Spam will not be tolerated here.

Please be sure to read this post.


muse_forest is one of LiveJournal's debate communities in which muses come together to discuss serious issues in today's society (or any issues within your fandom ie: "The mutant problem" - X-men fandom). It goes without saying that this community, therefore, requires a number of strict rules.

[1] Personal Attacks
Attacking a muse for simply posting his or her opinion is strictly prohibited from the community. Not only will it be looked upon as flaming, but given that muse_forest is dedicated to expressing views, it's just ignorant too.

Examples: "You're an idiot", "you're a tool for believing that", etc.

The restriction on personal attacks does not extend as far as beliefs themselves. Challenging beliefs and claims is not only allowed but encouraged.

Examples: "Why would you think that, when evidence suggests...", "Do you really have any basis for your claims?" etc.

When debating, it should be noted that this does not involve the need to belittle another muse's opinion or, for that matter, the muse in question. Regardless of whether or not you agree, this community is for debating and should be addressed appropriately - by debating the points presented.

[2] Sources
Upon making factual claims, members should either link to their sources or expect to be asked for them. Without evidence, your claims become nothing but exaggerated or fabricated. Failure to provide sources of evidence will likely result in the undermining of your character's argument by his or her opponent.

Examples: "50% of women who abort their children suffer from depression in later life" - this is a factual claim and, when asked, you should be able to provide evidence to this claim.

An exception to this rule is when you post your muse's opinion. Harassing members to provide proof for their opinions is discouraged as, in most debates, there are no right or wrong answers.

Examples: "Personally, I would not abort a child. I find the entire concept appauling" - this is an opinion and it cannot be classed as either right or wrong. No sources of evidence are required, here.

I would like to take this time to emphasize that sources are not a compulsory requirement and that no post should be reduced to demanding sources from members to the point where no other issue is being addressed. If a member cannot produce any evidence, then that's the end of the story.

[3] Sensitive Subjects
If you find that you feel particularly sensitive over various topics, then muse_forest is not likely to suit you at all. The challenging of beliefs is encouraged in this community and it is only fair to be challenged upon sharing beliefs for character building. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of keeping emotions in check in this community and that flaming members for attacking beliefs is strictly prohibited; members caught doing this will be warned accordingly.

[4] Post Length
You should, by now, be familiar with the concept of spam [often an acronym for Short, Pointless, Annoying Message]. Spam will not be tolerated in this community, under any circumstances, and will be deleted. Replies are expected to be of a substantial, extended length and should clearly address your view on a particular matter.

Examples: "I agree!", "This person shares the same opinion as me!", "I think you're right", etc - these posts lack detail and fail to show any line of thought at all. However, after 2-3 replies your muse has made to a post, it is absolutely O.K to have a small chit-chat discussion on-topic in that same post.

Going off-topic is acceptable for a small number of replies. It's understandable that your muse has found similarities with another muse, naturally allowing things to go off-topic with even something as simple as an introduction. This is okay, as long as the conversation goes back on-topic. If it stays off-topic for too long, please take it to PM or your own character journal.

If you find that your already-serious conversation has made it's way to a completely different topic, please make a post about that topic instead to allow and include other muses in the discussion.

[5] Debate Fallacies
Your fellow debators are likely to point out fallacies in your muse's debate and, so, it is in your best interest to get to grips with the simple things that can let you down.

[6] Last but not least..
As already stated, this is a muse community. All posts must be IC. However, leaving a small OOC note under lj-cut is allowed and absolutely necessary. Also, if you would like to write an RPG, go for it. As long as it is on topic and in some way debatable.

As always, regular community rules apply, unless stated elsewhere. If you have any queries, then do not hesitate to contact myself at dozing_forest.

I thank you in advance for abiding by these rules and hope that you enjoy yourself.